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» Your Holiday Recovery Plan!
» Chiropractic Pain Relief Seen On MRI
» “BPA-Free” Plastics Potentially Worse
» Insurance Provider Paying Members To Be Healthy

Your Holiday Recovery Plan!

The holidays have come and gone, and you're left to deal with the aftermath of un-healthy eating.  Your body is puffy and bloated.  Your joints are achy.  Your clothes feel tight and ill-fitting. 

Maybe you are feeling this way right now!  Below are outlined 6 steps you will need to quickly and seamlessly get you back on the fitness track. 

Step 1) Get Focused

The holidays happened.  You ate things from your "never eat these" list, you drank more than you should have.  Now is the time to draw a line in the sand.  The bad eating stops now!  Time to get re-focused for another year of health and wellness in 2015!

Step 2) Get Hydrated

While bad eating can take on many forms, the end result is more often dehydration and water retention.  Dehydrated muscles are painful and stiff muscles.  The only way to restore balance is to get hydrated.  Your first priority in getting back on track is to drink plenty of water though out your day.  Start with a glass of water in the morning, and carry a bottle with you.  Don't add artificial sweeteners or stimulants to your water- these will work against your hydration efforts.  To add flavor, slice fresh fruit, herbs or vegetable to place in your water. 

Step 3) Get Picky

For the next few days be picky about what you eat.  Stick with only whole, real foods like fruits, vegetable and some lean meat.  Whole, real foods will quickly help to restore balance.  Don't eat packaged foods for the next few days.  This means saying no to snack foods, processed meat slices, dairy, baked goods and alcohol.

Step 4)  Get Juicing

Making your own juice can be beneficial when recovering from a weekend of bad eating.  The key is to use ingredients that will hydrate and nourish your body and to avoid ingredients that are high in sugar. 

We recommend the following ingredients: fresh ginger, spinach, cucumber, kale, green apple, lemon, chia seeds and celery.

We do not recommend the following ingredients (due to high sugar content): carrots, oranges, red apples, and melons. 

Step 5) Get Moving

Get back to they gym and do at least 30 minutes of cardio, weight resistance training or yoga.  We recommend this 3-5 times a week.

Step 6) Get Adjusted

Come get adjusted and get your 2015 off to a healthy start!  Regular chiropractic adjustments are essential to your health and wellness regiment.  Adjustments reduce pain, increase mobility and provide countless other health benefits (including lowering blood pressure & boosting immunity)!

Here is to a wonderful and healthy New Year!


Swendsen Chiropractic Clinic! 

Author: Dr. Justin Bergstrom
Source: Dr. Bergstrom
Copyright: Swendsen Chiropractic 2015

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Chiropractic Pain Relief Seen On MRI

What if back pain relief could be immediately experienced from a simple, safe and natural procedure being applied to your back. Well say hello to chiropractic! According to researchers, they’ve been able to view changes in the areas of the brain that process and modulate pain using an MRI immediately following chiropractic spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization. In this recent study, researchers induced low back pain in a group of participants, then provided three forms of care: spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization and therapeutic touch. During this period, participants underwent functional MRI studies to measure changes in regions of the brain dealing with the experience of pain. Researchers concluded that chiropractic spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization and therapeutic touch all offered an immediate effect on the pain processing and modulating areas within the brain and that these changes could be why so many patients experience immediate pain relief or pain reduction after chiropractic care.

Source: JMPT. Vol 37, Issue 9, Nov-Dec 2014.
Copyright: LLC 2015

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“BPA-Free” Plastics Potentially Worse

If you’ve purchased plastic related drinking containers you’ve surely noticed many products touting their "BPA-free" status. BPA or bisphenol-A is a chemical used to harden plastic and has received much bad press over the recent years due to studies linking it to brain and behavior issues in children and infants, altered hormone levels, obesity and cancer, to name a few. Unfortunately, new research from Canada shows the replacement being used for BPA, BPS or bisphenol-S, has now also become a cause for concern. Researchers from the University of Calgary have now found BPS to cause changes in the brain development of zebra fish embryos at extremely low doses. Authors of the study state their findings are directly relevant to humans, especially for women in their second trimester of pregnancy.

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Jan 12, 2015.
Copyright: LLC 2015

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Insurance Provider Paying Members To Be Healthy

Ring in the new year with some increased physical activity and your health insurance company just may reward you! New York and New Jersey health plan provider Oscar Health Insurance will pay its members up to $240 per year in gift cards from simply walking. Members who sign up for their walking program consisting of wearable watches that communicate with tracking software can walk their way to rewards. Since increased walking is associated with positive health benefits and healthy people cost insurance companies far less to insure, it seems like a win-win for members and the insurance provider.

Source: Reuters. December 9, 2014.
Copyright: LLC 2015

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