Teena F.

I have been actively treating with Dr. Swendsen for a car accident. I have had low back pain, shoulder pain and severe headaches. Within just days of treating my headaches have virtually disappeared. The massage therapist is phenomenal and makes me feel so relaxed. The girls at the front desk are always so friendly and helpful and work around my schedule. I cant say thank you enough and I'd recommend this doctor to anyone.

Erin J.

After experiencing a head injury came to see Dr. Swendsen. Staff was efficient and very friendly upon entering the office. They are helpful and knowledgeable. After first visit immediately saw a change in my neck. I work in a restaurant and my neck had previously been stiff and difficult to turn. Within one visit my neck felt better and could turn more easily. Appointment times are very flexible.

Kasandra S.

One of the many reasons I love this office is not only the AMAZING staff but Dr. Swendsen has worked wonders on my back! When I first started coming here I was in so much pain, and now with my adjustments I am moving so much better and improving my lifestyle. Another thing that is great about him is all the information that he gives me. I am so glad I found this office!!!!!!

Travis T.

I am a Police Officer and avid Snowboarder so you can imagine the stress I put on my body and back. After a few visits with Dr. Swendsen I noticed the sharp stabbing going away in the middle of my shoulders, range of motion coming back, not as much leg tingling, and I was not as fatigued throughout my day. I know its a process to undue years of force on the body but with each visit I recover quicker after body fatigue and the tension free/pain free feeling last a little bit longer. The staff are always friendly and professional. I always feel comfortable there and Dr. Swendsen is very knowledgeable and accurate when locating my pain and fixing it. I highly recommend them and will be a patient for years to come.

Misty S.

I love Dr. Swendsen and his fabulous staff! I appreciate that he treats the whole body, not just the symptoms. Always offers healthy alternatives. He really cares about your well being. :)

Theresa T.

I probably have the worst case of scoliosis you've seen (or at least I feel that way). And Dr. Swendsen has dialed in to my specific needs when adjusting to take away the pain. Staff is always friendly and considerate and always meets my needs. Shannon C is the best massage therapist around! Love her too !
Bob. P

I have been coming to Dr. Swendsen for at least three years. He has been able to address all my conditions that I have had and resolved any problems with expertise and caring concern. I would recommend anyone to come and visit the office. Just talk to the doctor with any problems related to your spine, neck, headaches, pain and he can address them all. He always helps me and my wife especially given our age. The atmosphere in the office with the staff and doctor encourages you to come back. They always express concern and make sure all your needs are met.

Kristen B.

I'm very happy to report a significant change in my lower back condition since starting treatment with Dr. Swendsen. I have a recently diagnosed condition called Spondylolisthesis. It is chronic but not necessarily debilitating. However I was told by medical doctors "You will need a fusion to stabilize the condition". Since in treatment with Dr. Swendsen, my symptoms have lessened and I now believe I will not have to have surgery to correct it. Thank you Swendsen Chiropractic! PS My 9-year old grandson is receiving excellent care as well!

George J.

I have been coming to the doctor for adjustments on my back for years. Since the end of April I had have constant swelling in my foot and ankle. This last Friday, right after my adjustment I was sitting on my couch and I could feel a similar sensation to a dam breaking or what felt like it in my foot where he adjusted. The blood flow, energy and pressure that I seem to have had in my foot for over a month just released itself, swelling went down almost immediately. I was amazed that not only does he help my back and make me able to get around but that my foot pain virtually disappeared. Thanks Doc!

Jaclyn R.

Helpful and kind staff are always willing to do what it takes to make your pain go away. Get a smile, a massage or an adjustment and always leave feeling better. Thank you for seeing me for all these years.

Stephen L.
I never believed in Chiropractic before, but was in enough pain to try it. Now can't imagine life without it! Dr. Swendsen and his friendly staff are always there to help! I would suggest this office to anyone who lives with pain and wants to improve their life!
Jeff H.

I always enjoy coming into this office. Dr. Swendsen and the staff are always friendly and fun. A great place to go for any chiropractic service.
Linda M.

I love this office. Dr. Swendsen has helped me multiple times over the last 30 years with L&I injuries from a car accident. I know the adjustments and massage helped me heal faster. The office staff are so friendly, understanding and they care about the patients. I also love the holiday decorations!
Austin C.

I still consider myself young and healthy. I ride motorcycles, race dirt bikes and work for Boeing so I'm on my feet all day. After one spill too many I started coming to see Dr. Swendsen. My pain, sleeping habits and just general overall feeling in my back is greatly improved. Even my friends have noticed a difference and have considered coming to Dr. Swendsen or Dr. Todd/Dr. J to improve their health. Even if its now just for maintenance I'm a firm believer in this office, techniques and the super friendly staff.
Amanda E.

Love the staff! So friendly and the treatment is great! I always feel fantastic after leaving.
Jason N.

I love how fast I get in to see Dr. Swendsen! And the staff are so friendly! My life and health have vastly improved with my treatments.
Shawna D.

I was in a pretty severe car accident. My car was totaled. Chiropractic have really helped me recover. I was in constant pain and had trouble breathing from where the seat belt bruised me. It has been a long recovery but thanks to Dr. Swendsen I am recovering and am virtually pain free. The staff is really great too.